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Crisis events influence, and are influenced by, what is said or written; these texts in their turn will lead to new texts, even new genres, which will then co-create new discourses or reinforce/subvert existing ones; the discourses then may produce certain (un)intended non-discursive outcomes.

(from Antoon De Rycker and Zuraidah Mohd Don’s Discourse in crisis, crisis in discourse)


death drove home

sent a letter to the community

impossible to trace


and then grief, like a stumbling cheque forger,

comes tripping across the threshold

of my supermarket heart


a little music and soul

three months of free guitar lessons

you can learn in lockdown


it’s astounding

time is fleeting

madness takes its toll


coughed at or spit on

a long tradition of blaming

a mirror for society


the waves of the web

the places we must stay

three emoji roses


a barometer of humanity

language linked to memory

simple words repeated


I turned up in some harsh doomed city on another plane

at the end

I was holding my breath


wow! this looks delicious

but u didn’t make enough

for company



a social movement

a new campaign


incredible profiteering, corporate opportunism

daylight robbery

leaders swapping worst practices


*right fist punches electric guitar*

*wall of protestors link arms*

*a crow’s wings sweep*


the landlord's here to visit

but we can, you know we can

rent strike april 1st 2020


sweeping aid package

a staggering backing

to help bridge financial bottlenecks


to no surprise

a need to punish the poor

in the midst of a terrible crisis


in dire hours, art keeps us sane

offers free delivery

on the brink of disaster


a deep-purple bruise


new shades of glumness


semi-outdoor exhibit

the sunning rock macropod

a future bird


they all want to share your life

ain't that enough to make you want to hang on

hang on, hang on (hang on in there)



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Pascalle Burton is an Australian poet and performer with an interest in conceptual art and cultural theory. Her collection About the Author is Dead is available through Cordite Books.

She hopes everyone is staying safe and well. 

You can learn more about and experience her incredible poetry on her website.

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