GT11 Creative brings diversity into your process.


We're a core collective of creatives and artists that draw on a vast breadth of specialists to deliver bespoke briefs, while simultaneously supporting and growing new talent. From SMEs to Enterprise and from advertising to art installation, our creative services cover all sectors. 


We are passionate about diversity and ensuring everyone gets an opportunity to take a seat at the creative table. We have observed and experienced real change is slow...if happening at all. Neither the creative industries nor structures allow for a diverse, intersectional culture. Instead, industry cronies protect the status quo and reinforce discriminatory hierarchies. As a collective, we channel our talents and energy to develop a more inclusive workforce - we are the change we desire.


Founded in 2020, we are building our practice on a foundation of diverse talent, that focuses on inclusion and has social change at the core of its processes.

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Out and About


Out and About is a newly founded organisation for connecting LGBTQIA women and those who are non-binary, through shared experiences. They create and curate quality day, evening and long weekend events across the UK.

Their flagship event - Out & Wild, is launching in June 2022 - an annual three-day wellness festival in Lawrenny in Pembrokeshire.


Out and About required:


  • Develop a name for the festival and conduct market research

  • Develop logo and branding guidelines once name established

  • Create artwork for website and social channels 

Sarah Blumenau Consulting


Sarah Blumenau is a communication practitioner who focuses on instilling communicative confidence and capability at a fundamental level. She helps clients develop physical and psychological habits that can be drawn upon, both consciously and automatically.


Having taught at RADA Business for a number of years, she made the decision to set up her own practice.


Sarah required branding, tone of voice and website design to launch her business.


We worked with Sarah to develop her values and define who her target customers were through a series of workshops and discussions. Using this information as our starting point we designed the look and feel of her branding and tone of voice.

Once we established Sarah’s brand identity we rolled this out across her website, social channels and stationery.


We are continuing to work with Sarah, developing a social marketing campaign to promote her new business.

“It has been a brilliant experience working with GT11. They skillfully guided me through the process with transparency and patience. Their expertise and artistry transformed my brief further than I could have imagined. I am beyond delighted with the finished product.” 

Sarah Blumenau


Diva Media Group

DIVA Media Group (DMG) is the world's leading entertainment group for lesbians and bisexual women. As well as publishing DIVA magazine 12 times a year, DMG is also the force behind DIVA Box Office, DIVA Awards, Radio DIVA, and the DIVA Music Festival.


DIVA noticed an increasing discussion on their channel by LGBTQI+ women who felt "misunderstood and under-supported." They commissioned research by Kantar (March 2020) that revealed a catalogue of fundamental challenges, including that lesbian women are almost twice as unlikely to be out in the workplace as gay male colleagues. 


To address this imbalance, raise awareness of the challenges and establish a platform for women who identified as queer, they created 'Lesbian 'Visibility Week.' 


DIVA's objectives were to:


  • Raise visibility of LGBTQI+ women within the wider community

  • Create a social platform for LGBTQI+ women to participate on

  • Bust common misunderstandings and highlight issues raised from research

  • Establish the week within the equality calendar

Focusing specifically on factual information from Kantar's findings, we launched #ThisisMe, a campaign to showcase the full diversity of LGBTQI and non-binary women and bring out the people behind the label. The campaign was a resounding success – at its peak, it generated over 3million impressions online in a single day.

The creative direction, lead by Creative Director, Renee Vaughan Sutherland and Lead Motion Designer, Mari Continenza, was featured in Ad Week USA's article: How the First Annual Lesbian Visibility Week Is Changing the Marketing Game.