Greater than 11% - Creatives Grants

Greater than 11% is currently awarding  3 x £725 grants 

to creatives based in the UK. 


Applications close 27th September 2020.

The grant is specifically to support UK based creative women and non-binary people who are underrepresented across the creative sectors and who have been further marginalised as a result of Covid19.

This no-strings-attached £725 cash bursary is to assist with reducing the

financial hardship many creatives are facing as a result of being unable

to work, losing freelance / short-term contracts or being made redundant

as a result of the pandemic.


The grant can be used to cover art supplies, software, equipment, paying rent / bills / studio fees, childcare to facilitate time to make work, hiring another creative professional to help with a project, whatever way in which each individual needs to use the money. 


Am I eligible?

You need to live in the UK, identify as non-binary or female and have a creative practice / job.


When we say ‘creatives’ who do we mean? Anyone who works within the creative industries: 

  • Art Making (artists, illustrators, animators, graphic & motion designers, writers, poets, photographers etc.)

  • TV, Video, Film & Radio

  • Crafts

  • Fashion

  • Publishing

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • Software & Computer Services


This list is not exclusive - if you don’t feel you fit into any of the above categories that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply. 


How to apply

Answer the simple and straight forward questions in the application form.


If you find filling in application forms tiresome / difficult (we do), you can send us a video, audio file, photo series, illustration, comic, poem - whatever works for you, covering all the information we ask for in the form. Please note: you are still required to fill in the basics information: name contact details etc. before you are able to attach the files at the bottom of the form. You are limited to five files and all attachments must be labelled with your name. Please make sure to answer all the questions to ensure we can make a fair decision.


If you’ve never applied for a grant / funding, unsure if this is for you

or doubt you will be selected - think again! We are specifically looking

to give cash to those that face access barriers to the industry, are generally undervalued or tend to overlooked by the creative sectors, and because of Covid19 generating income has become even more difficult. 


Don't talk yourself out of giving it a go - we are here to support you. 


Selection panel & timeline

The panel is made up of seven former Greater than 11% podcast guests who have a diverse range of creativity and backgrounds, they will collectively make decisions on grant allocation. The selection panel are: Davina Ajana, Rina Atenzia, Marilyn Ford, Samira Musa, Sadhaish Pall, Alexandra Waring, Penny Woolcock.

Applications open: 9th September 2020

Applications close: 27th September 2020 (midnight)

Grants issued: 5th October 2020 (week commencing)

Applications close 27th September 2020.

Can you help?

If you’ve arrived here and are not currently in need of financial support but want to help those within our community who, because of Covid19, are literally unable to make ends meet, facing uncertainty and as a consequence suffering anxiety and mental unwellness, you can donate to Greater than 11%'s Crowdfunder by clicking here.


A small cash grant isn't going to change someone's life, but it can be an immediate game-changer to a person facing a financial crisis.