About us

Greater than 11% is on a mission to contribute to more equal and diverse creative industries within years, not decades.

The name "Greater than 11%" came from the jaw-dropping statistic in May 2018 that "only 11% of women held the title of Creative Director in the UK Media & Communications industry." That figure was even more severe for women of colour, landing at around 3%. Those woefully low percentages aren't exclusive to the advertising sector; they appear across the entire creative industry.


We saw red and we got to work. We started formulating ways to inspire, improve and build a pipeline of talent that could access the information they needed and be given opportunities to be creative.


Our mission is to contribute to a more equal and diverse creative industry within years, not decades. Our initial commitment to drive change was through our weekly podcast. In just two years, this has evolved to:


  • A creative agency, GT11 Creative, who utilises diverse talent through our collective networks to deliver bespoke briefs

  • Events that facilitate meaningful connections and build creative networks

  • A podcast and blog that creates a platform to both explore roles and opportunities and celebrate women and non-binary individuals kicking it in their field

  • The 1st issue of our Zine, published in 2019! We are currently working on Issue II – sign up to our newsletter here to find out more.


Greater than 11%, as a brand, is a marker of time. If we don't exist in our current form in just a couple of years, we will have done our job.


We strive to support and champion others. We are forever on the lookout for collaborators and cheerleaders. Please get in touch if you want to join our mission, work with us or provide sponsorship.


We Are What We Do

GT11 Creative is about putting boots on the ground to bring diversity into your process. 


Collectively, we’re unique. We're able to build specialist bespoke teams through the Greater than 11% podcast, events alumni and our networks. This enables us to be flexible, adaptable, and able to engage with both entry-level creatives that are often unable to get a seat at the table and seasoned creatives with unrivalled experience and knowledge.


Founded and headed up by Artist & Creative Director, Renee Vaughan Sutherland, GT11 Creative covers all sectors: from advertising to art installation, for SMEs and Enterprises alike. 


Read more about what and how we do things here or say 'hi' by emailing info@greaterthaneleven.com.


Greater than 11% - Podcast

Greater Than 11% is hosted by Renee Vaughan Sutherland. Aims for a third season are afoot - we are currently seeking funding and sponsorship - sign up to our newsletter below for updates.

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