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The pandemic has been destabilising for thousands of people in the UK and the creative sectors have been hit particularly hard. Many creatives are not eligible for the same support as other working people because they are self-employed. They have also lost contracts, are unable to generate income during the lockdown and are struggling. The furlough scheme is scheduled to end in October compounding the dire situation for those working in the creative sectors.

The UK Creative industries are projected to lose

409,000 (1 in 5) jobs as a result of Covid19.

                                                                                                      Creative Industries Federation - July 2020

A self-funded initiative, the Greater than 11% podcast, now in its second series and having interviewed 100+ women and non-binary people, we hit 20,000 downloads in September 2020. Our aim was to mark the milestone, focus on raising £20K to coincide with the 20K downloads and using the funds to issue small grants, to provide urgent relief for creatives facing hardship. We had hoped we could hit the ambitious target by the end of August but didn't quite get there - we have raised £2,200 to date and are currently promoting applications for 3 x £725 grants for creatives needing immediate financial support. We have kept our Crowdfunder open and will continue to issue grants as people donate.

Pledge and we will add your name to our Wall of Support with all the other bloody legends.

The coronavirus pandemic is having an adverse impact on the job

prospects of emerging creative talent from underrepresented communities.

Creative Access Survey - Campaign June 2020

We have all witnessed inequality in many forms globally during the pandemic and the creative sectors themselves are no strangers to a lack of diversity, inequality and has many barriers to entry. We will specifically be focusing our attention on supporting those creatives who have a lack of access to opportunities, which is impacting both their financial and mental wellbeing. It is for this reason we have made the application process broad and straight forward - we are aiming to be as inclusive as we can be.

How we will distribute the money raised?

Check out our Grant Application page and form here.


We have opened applications for grants in September, will continue to fundraise throughout and bursaries will be issued in early October 2020.